Friday, January 28, 2011

The First Breath - Part One

Is There Life after Death?
The First Breath - Part One

Within the writings, here – I will be taking you with me as I walk my process, experiences, discoveries and explorations and share my insights, realisations and understandings through and as my process in the Interdimensional-Existence from the first Moment I breathed-Myself into and as Heaven through Leaving my Human Physical Body, as the Portal into, as and of Existence - completely.

(Note: Vocabulary and Definition of Heaven
Dimensions / Interdimensional-Existence – these are terms used interchangeably to refer to Heaven. Heaven, from the first Moment I entered into-it, during my process within it and our experiences-together with all the beings – change(d) as we progressed and expanded within and through processes within and throughout Heaven. Thus, you will see with me as I directly experienced the actual reality of Heaven first-Hand, and also how Heaven and thus the very existence and so the very definition of Heaven start and started changing.) 

Let’s take the First Step of this walk through and as the Interdimensional-existence/Heaven with-me from the First Breath:

The room is warm. My back is facing a smouldering Fire – and I experience myself enveloped within this space in reality; as the atmosphere of/as this Moment in and with the physical is embracing, holding me within and as this warmth permeating the room, touching my skin and filling my breath – the warmth becoming me as it encompass my physical body, within and without.

I feel my Chest. Its manifested-experience is that of a ‘solid pressure’. Not pain, but - as though my chest has established a ‘presence’ for and of-Itself; become aware of-itself with-Me – and, in that moment of shared-Awareness of me with the Chest; this moment of physical-equality - manifest a presence of ‘here’ and in and as that, I ‘Feel’ the Chest with and as me, here.

I close my eyes. My total-experience in this Moment of closing my eyes, as my eyes close – is Physical, as my experience/awareness of what the Physical is, as me. I’m aware of my physical-body experience in this Moment within and as this environment/space it’s positioned in reality, aware of my breath and aware with my chest. This One Point within-Existence – me, here with and as the Chest; as Breath and in the Physical – will be the ‘departure-point’ within and as which I will stand for a moment, before I leave my body and enter-Into ‘Heaven’.

I breathe-In. This is an actual-Breath, a Breath that is pulled from and within the entire Human Physical Body, of the entire Human Physical Body as I pull with the Physical, with Breath as the In-Breath - the presence, the manifestation of me from within and as the entirety of and as the Human Physical Body.
As and with this In-Breath with the Physical, I Breathe the entirety of me In, from within and as my Human Physical Body - and position me within the absolute Centre Source-Point of it as the Chest, Here.  
I now with the Final whim of this In-Breath as the Breathing-in of me from within, as and of the Human physical Body – stand positioned within the centre of the Human Physical Body; the Chest, Here. Centred, not amalgamated/infused as I was a Moment ago before I pulled me as and with Breath, out of the Manifestation of and as the Human Physical Body - into and as the centre of the Body within and as the Chest-area.
Time Stops as a Moment of Eternity, as I stand here, solidified as Breath in the Physical within the Chest – centred, as I ensure that I’ve gathered ‘all of me, that is me’ in and as this Physical-Body into and as this One Point, this One Manifested-Moment in and as the Centre of the Physical-Body within and as the Chest, and then...

I breathe-Out. I literally Breathe Out, as I Breathe me Out-of my Human Physical Body from within and as the Initial Centre-Point as the Chest of/as the Human Physical Body within and as which I gathered-Myself as my Manifested-presence from within and as the Human Physical Body.  

To continue...

(Perspective-Notes are additional-perspectives that I will add within / at the end of each section as part of the walk through my process from Leaving my Body to experiences in and as Heaven as points to consider / suggest investigating in relation to and in context with what was shared within the Document)

Unthinkable? Yes.
This action of leaving one’s Body, and having the ability to do so without the Physical Human Body dying, but continuing to function and exist without one’s manifested-‘presence’ within and as it - is not a Thought-Process and cannot be conceived with/within the Mind.

This action of leaving one’s Body is a living-doing, a self-movement of understanding, actual-Understanding within and as the Stand of Realising, being and actually Applying, Equality and Oneness.

I’m not imprisoned, nor am I a prisoner of my Human Physical Body. The Human Physical Body is the key to Existence, the key to Reality, the key to the Real Self as you will see and understand with-Me as what I directly-experienced, here in and as existence.