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Meeting ‘God’ in the Physical – Part Three

Is There Life after Death?
Meeting ‘God’ in the Physical – Part Three

Here continuing with the Moment of me facing “God” in the Physical:

Last paragraph Excerpt from previous-document:
Then – as and while I experienced this Moment with and as the Physical, while the expression of and as this Presence was emerging from within and as the darkness:
The expression manifested as colours moving, motioning, exploding, emerging as living-embodiments of and as all colours one is able to possibly conceive and more. This manifested-Presence of and as Eternal-expression emerged from within and as the Darkness as this array of unending colours expressing themselves into and as all sorts of directions as the representations of/as the Manifested-embodiment of and as this Presence.

And all stopped and transformed  within a Breath – and I saw the Sun...

And, so – from the manifested-Presence of and as Eternal-expression, came-forth the Manifested-Expression of what I experienced to be God and Heaven:
The Skye – a light white-blue, with the Sun – a warm yellow-orange glow; shining with Rays penetrating bright white Clouds, and the rays illuminating the clouds with a light pink and silver resonance; all of which appeared/manifested in One Moment, literally like God with Heaven standing/being here before-Me in and as the manifested-representation of/as the Skye, Sun and Clouds.
And, still - it was within this Moment of Seeing and Experiencing this Manifested-Expression of the Sun in the Skye with Clouds, that I experienced/witnessed to be ‘God’-Manifest, here in front of me in and as the Physical that appeared before me in one sudden, swift Moment.
That Moment was absolute Greatness, an indescribable Magnificence that was right here in front of me. I was totally overwhelmed with this Sight/Appearances I experienced to be God, because of its Magnitude. It was literally like standing in front of God, with Heaven – manifested as this expression of the Sun, the Skye and the Clouds; so extreme was the experience of myself with what was emerging and manifesting here before me in and as the Physical.
So – initially, due to the extent of my experience with and as this Moment in and as the Physical, I experienced it all to be God with and as Heaven appearing/manifesting here before-Me in and as the Physical, in and as the Physical-manifested representation of/as the Sun, Skye and Clouds. Though – to specify, it was not the Sun, Skye and Clouds of/as this Reality that I was seeing/experiencing in that Moment. It was much Larger, more Vast, Clear and Specific than the Sun, Skye and Clouds of this Physical-Reality we exist-within.
Therefore I related the Skye and Clouds to Heaven, and the Sun to God – because it was a similar-Manifestation, but also completely-Different in relation to the Size, Vastness and extensive colour-Variation expressions of what I was seeing and experiencing.

It’s quite fascinating that I initially experienced  it all to be God, but – that was the only reference-point within myself that I had to define the “Greatness” / “Magnificence” “Omnipresence and Omnipotence” – which was in essence what I was seeing and experiencing right-Here in the Physical in front of me.
Another way to describe it would be that it was like my “understanding” of God was now Manifested before-Me and within-Me in relation to what I was seeing and experiencing. Meaning, to-Me in and as that Moment – what I was seeing and experiencing, was exactly how I would describe God with and as Heaven to be. Together with that, in and with that Moment – everything around me and within me disappeared and I was witnessing and experiencing only this Manifested-representation of/as God with and as Heaven here before-me. All of which, together - added to the experience of myself in that Moment as witnessing and standing-before God with Heaven, due to the absoluteness and magnificence of the overwhelming nature of what I was seeing and experiencing within and as a Magnitude that was Unspeakable.

Unspeakable, yes – because the experience within-Me as that Moment was so Great, that when Bernard asked Me what it is that I was Seeing when the Tears were streaming from my Eyes – not from energy, no – from actual Physical-experienced overwhlemingness; the only Word I could speak or get-through to Vocalize, with a Gasp, was: “God”.

Now, understand that – even though I referenced what I was seeing and experiencing as God and Heaven, what I was seeing and experiencing was the manifested-expression of and as the Physical as the actual real “Kingdom of Heaven”-itself.
The manifested-representation of/as the Sun, the Skye and the Clouds will become clearer as I continue explaining what I was experiencing in and as this Moment – as the “Kingdom of Heaven” that I was seeing and experiencing, that was revealed and shown to me by, as and through the Physical-itself, in seeing, realising and understanding the Process each Individual Human Being will be facing and walking within and as the Physical to realise and live self as the Physical as the manifested “Kingdom of Heaven” that is and always has been – right Here.

I then Opened my eyes, attempting to see-through water welled up in my eyes, with a smile on my face and a protruding-Chest so physically-manifested with and as this Experience, as this experience amalgamated with and as my total human physical body and embraced the totality of me within and as me; Bernard asked: “What else do you see”?

Now, with my Eyes Physically-Open – I still continued Seeing the exact-same, Here in and as the Physical. So, my ‘Seeing’ in, as and with the Moment wasn’t a creation through the Mind – but an actual Here-‘Seeing’, Equal and One with and as what is Here as I literally, in fact walked with and as this Physical in and as every Moment of what I was Seeing and Experiencing.
Also because – as/while I was Seeing and Experiencing the Emergence of the Physical in and as the Manifested-Representation of and as the Kingdom of Heaven; a Calm Emerged within and as me after the overwhelming experience I initially had with the introduction of the Physical, here in front of me and within me - and I was Absolutely Clear and Stable, Here and still continued Seeing the same, Directly Here in front of me and within me, as-Me.
With “Mind-seeing” as “visions” – it manifest as a ‘Smokey-unstable picture-like appearance’ – that come and go, that manifest only in front of self with a pressure by the eyes and head, which one has to force oneself to keep the vision real and which is also accompanied with energy that can only be maintained for as long as you ensure that you keep your focus and attention on that one-point you’re seeing/experiencing.
However – with me, in and as this Moment – there was no Energy involved, what I was Seeing and Experiencing was Physically-Substantial and even once the overwhelming-experience moved and I was stable and calm and opened my eyes – I was still Directly-Seeing the exact-same. So, all of it was Here with and as me in and as the Physical – it wasn’t generated / forced; it was simply here as the physical showing itself here with and as me.
And, also what Actualized/Confirmed the Reality of it all, was – after this Experience with and as the Physical, I still continued being able to See-Directly, wherein I had the ability to “See” beyond the System or Mind, but See-Directly what is Here as it exist Here with and as my starting-point being with and as the Physical-itself and not the Mind – which I will be explaining, detailing and sharing as all my experiences with and as seeing as the physical as me, once I’ve completed walking this-Moment with and as the Physical wherein I was seeing and experiencing, the Process of Human Beings on-earth and what it will take for Human Beings to realise themselves as the Physical, equal and one to access the Kingdom of Heaven that is right-here, and that has always been here as the very physical itself.  

I then moved my Eyes towards the bottom from where I was looking upward to the Sun, in the Skye with the Clouds; and I looked-into Existence – into and as an infinite-Existence, with Galaxies stretching into far and beyond, and - as I continued specifying my Seeing into and as everything I was Seeing at-once: I saw Earth.
Literally standing within the Universe, amongst the Planets and Stars and looking at Earth from afar.
Again, here – what I was seeing and experiencing was substantial, was physical – as I was in fact being walked-through the Physical-Existence with and as the Physical-itself.

As I was focusing my attention on Earth, Earth transformed into a “Black Space” within-Existence with a Deep purple and pink Resonance emerging from within the Darkness of Black-Space – and within that, Human Beings emerged within and as manifestations that was entirely unexpected…

Meeting ‘God’ in the Physical – Part Four to Continue…


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Meeting ‘God’ in the Physical – Part Two

Is There Life after Death?
Meeting ‘God’ in the Physical – Part Two

Here continuing with the Moment of me facing “God” in the Physical:

Last paragraph Excerpt from previous-document:
“So, after a Moment I replied: “I don’t see anything”. Bernard – with his Intense eyes and No-nonsense voice said: “Look again” – motivating me and pushing me to not ‘just accept’, but expand-myself. So – I looked again.”

I looked again, though – not before reacting within-Myself. A movement of energy surged slightly upward from within my solar-plexus in a attempt to overwhelm me, as a habit I used to access when experiencing myself making a mistake. But I took a deep Breath, Immediately stopped myself from accepting and allowing myself to participate within it, positioned my body to sit more upright as I was previously slouching within my position in front of Bernard. And, the moment I did that – I was clear again within myself and ready to look, to See again.

This time, I relaxed my physical-body ‘more’ within the ‘knee-to-knee’ Position I was sitting-in in front of Bernard. My back and shoulders straight, my chin up, breathing even, my face unconstrained – no more squinting and looking for something ‘there’ in and as him, but being here with Breath – naturally.
This time, when I looked – I looked here. Not going on a search for something somewhere inside of him – but being here with what is here and seeing it, here. So, within this approach – within looking here and seeing what is here as it’s here, I for a Moment experienced myself as what I was seeing within looking at what is here, as it is here which was a manifested eternal darkness within and as the Physical – that was solid, yet substantial. A solid, substantial substance – here, as the Physical. And the experience of the darkness that I was Looking-at and seeing, here – became “me” and in that moment – all that I was, physically and within the experience of me as the physical, was this eternal darkness.
It was fascinating, because – one could see the darkness, be the darkness and experience the darkness as self, here in and as the physical. It’s not the construct of/as “light and dark” as the polarity of light as darkness that cause one not to be able to see for which one require light. No. This “darkness” was of the actual physical, as the actual physical, here.

Within looking at the Moment now, within and as my current-Understanding; the point of seeing it and experiencing the manifested eternal-Darkness in and as the Physical, here as me – was me actually seeing and experiencing myself with and as the Physical, as what is here. And so I could see “Here” within and as me and Bernard equally as the Physical as the manifested Eternal-Darkness of/as solid-Substance. That’s why I had the experience of “becoming” this Darkness I was looking-at and seeing, but it’s not in fact that I “became” it – as that would imply/mean separation. It’s that I realised I was seeing what is Here with, within and as the Physical in fact. What I was experiencing myself-as, in that Moment has always been here as me in and as the Physical – I’ve in that Moment only for the first time actually Looked Here and so could See what is Here as it exist Here.
Though, I didn’t understand it then, as I do now in relation to the “physical equality” I experienced, then – I still experienced it as me “becoming” a experience, as that was my Understanding then of/as me.  

So - once this Moment of/as Here with and as the Physical in and as Equality was established, and I was as solid and stable as this manifested eternal-darkness as-Me I was initially looking-at and Seeing, I was breathing, here, being here with and as me as the physical as the Moment completely.

Then...suddenly, unexpectedly – something unpredictable happened:
This Moment caught me completely, entirely off-guard as I had no Mind-reference or any conception of/as knowledge and information in relation to what I was suddenly, unexpectedly looking-at, seeing and experiencing right in front of Me:
A Manifested-‘presence’ of and as Expression emerged from within and as the totality of/as the Darkness in one complete slow-motion emissive-Explosion, emerging from within and as eternity, this darkness - and expressing-Itself here, as and within the Physical.
The experience of this Manifested-‘presence’ of/as Eternal-Expression was so Overwhelming, so Absolute, that it felt as though my whole body Collapsed within and as the experience of and as it, and became this fluid substance. The experience of being in the presence of such a presence - so overwhelming, so vast and so extensive – that Tears actually streamed from my eyes; pure water - as a actual natural, real ‘physical release’-Experience of and as my physical body itself due to the pure nature of and this Expression and its extreme Intensity of existence, here in and as the Physical with and as myself and Bernard. It was wonderful.

To describe this experience is slightly challenging, because – to describe a real moment of physical-awareness, wherein one for the first time realise and experience the physical within and as its actual, real existence here as eternal manifested-expression; is not so simple in terms of having another reading this comprehend this moment with me, in absolute understanding. So – do understand, that this was a Moment of physical-awareness of/as the actual real physical that is here, and I could only have experienced and seen it, here as me with Bernard being there with me in that Moment. Because, Bernard had at that stage already realised himself as the Physical, as Breath, as Here in-fact – and, he was showing me what he had realised as-Himself, here in and as the Physical. However, for me to have been able to ‘See’ what he was showing me as-himself in and as the physical – I had to obviously be Able to See, because he can/could show me – but that doesn’t mean that I would’ve necessarily been able to See. The same within and as Process as a whole – we show through living example, however – that doesn’t mean that everyone necessarily See, yet – See, meaning Realise as-self what is here and being shown. So – the point of seeing is a Point for and of self within and as Self-Responsibility.
Within this Moment of Seeing what has been shown to Me – I could see, because I immediately applied and lived myself in the Moment to Look and to See. I didn’t ask questions or wonder about “how must I look” or “how am I supposed to see” or “what must I see” or “what must I look for”, going into my Mind to look and see. Because – already in that, it’s making the statement of not being ready to Look and See, because the Mind is still Trusted instead of self, here and so one is not in fact Looking and Seeing, but trying to interpret what is here through and as the Mind and so – you don’t See, but actually only perceive the Mind.
I simply went into immediate application of looking and seeing and in that, the point of looking and See became me, as me – Here, Naturally. And within that – I had the ability to Look and so See what is here, as it is Here with and as Me.  
What I also then didn’t completely understand/grasp and that took me quite a while with and during my Process to understand and grasp, is that – even though I could See, here and experience that Moment of Seeing as me Here, equal and one = it didn’t mean that that Moment is “who I am” in fact, yet. But, that I had to take that Moment with and as me in and as my World and Reality and continue living it, in fact here as breath – constantly and consistently until it “comes into being” as-Me in and as living-expression In-Fact. So – this point created some Manifested-Consequence within and as my world/reality – which I’ll show and share with you in relation to the difference between Realisation and Actual Living as we continue through my Experiences.

So, what I experienced in this Moment with meeting “God” was due to Bernard showing it to me as him and due to me going into immediate application of living the point of Looking and Seeing instantaneously without hesitation or doubt, and so I could See what he was showing me as-himself in and as the Physical - which I initially interpreted as “God”. As the word “God” was the only reference I had at the time to Verbalize the magnitude of the experience of and as this Eternal manifested-expression as a Presence that emerged here from within and as the Solid-Substance of/as Eternal-Darkness that was initially here in and as the Physical.  

So, I firstly became aware of and as this Presence, as the Expression of this Presence within and as its Absoluteness of Magnificence that I experienced in and as the Physical as me as it emerged from within and as the Eternal-Darkness, that caused my Physical to go into a Unconditional release and so I was here with and as a actual, real experience of and as the Physical.
That Moment was so Great and so Awesome – because, within existing within the constraints and limitations of and as a System, to suddenly in One Moment collapsing all the chains and experiencing and being with the Freedom of Eternity in and as the Physical in fact, is...a Moment that each must discover for themselves when the Mind stops and you’re here with and as the Physical, in fact.

Then – as and while I experienced this Moment with and as the Physical, while the expression of and as this Presence was emerging from within and as the darkness:
The expression manifested as colours moving, motioning, exploding, emerging as living-embodiments of and as all colours one is able to possibly conceive and more. This manifested-Presence of and as Eternal-expression emerged from within and as the Darkness as this array of unending colours expressing themselves into and as all sorts of directions as the representations of/as the Manifested-embodiment of and as this Presence.

And all stopped and transformed  within a Breath – and I saw the Sun...


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Meeting ‘God’ in the Physical

Is There Life after Death?
Meeting ‘God’ in the Physical

Here we begin with The Process, with one of The First Moments I faced – within the Year of 2004 when I was 18 Years of Age, going into 19 – that has assisted/supported me within and throughout the Process I have walked from the Physical, into the Heavens and now still continuing to walk in, as and with the Physical. So – let’s start walking:

A couple of us, actually only a handful - were gathered-together one-Evening. We every now and then had such evenings during which we came-Together and explored the current-existence of ourselves as Human-Beings, shared experiences, insights and perspectives and generally investigated the dimensions and realities of who, how and what we are as the Mind. Within that, also how we’re able to live/exist more functionally, practically and stable within Reality and within that also to look-into the why’s as questions of ourselves, our realities and existence as a Whole.
Thus, in essence – walking a process of questions, investigations and explorations into and as the current-existence of the totality of ourselves as Human Beings, in relation to ourselves, each-other our environment/world and existence as a Whole.

It was within/during one such evening – that I experienced a Moment in the Physical. It’s an experience in the Physical, with the physical – in which I faced the actual-reality of the Physical as it existed and still do exist, in fact. I didn’t then, completely understand the Reality of what I facing in that Moment with the Physical and that it was the Physical-itself that I was facing, seeing and experiencing.
However – my experience in that Moment for me was so Definitive, that the Certainty of me standing within and taking a certain position/stance within the Process that was to be walked ahead, was Absolute. I may have experienced a Absoluteness, a Certainty of/as Me in and as that Moment, with the Moment – however, simultaneously it was my Introduction into and as Reality, wherein I slowly but surely started realising that – Experiencing something, is entirely different to actually Living something – a Point within and as which I have fallen many times, as one walk through the Process of learning, through Reality – what is the Mind as Illusion and what is the Physical as Real, as Here.
Obviously, also then - in that Moment, I didn’t understand/know the full implications of what I was seeing and experiencing as I do now, however – it was a Moment within which I has seen and experienced a Potential for myself, for humanity and the World that I had not even known, conceived could exist or materialize into a actual reality.

So, as we were sitting there, communicating – with each-other and together; Bernard sitting in silence observing everyone, which he’d do with a half-smile and gentle, yet Intense eyes – which made me experience curiosity, cause I experienced him auspiciously intimidating.

He then called my name: “Sunette”, I turned and he asked: “Come here”.
I was bewildered for a Moment, that he’d ask me to come to him – it was a mixed-Reaction, yet again of curiosity and fear and for a Moment questioned whether I’d heard him correctly in relation to what he’d asked, so – I frowned and he asked again: “Come here – sit infront of me”.
My reaction in that Moment was due to the existent-Statement within me, as then living-acceptance of myself, as: “Me, why me? Really?” The existence of such a Statement within-me, due to my entire past when it came to Human-relations/interactions within which I was always the ‘invisible, overlooked’-one, participating but never noticed/considered, insignificant to the world and that of others. Which generally fuelled my eagerness and yearning to please others to get noticed, considered and experience myself as being a ‘part of’ something.
Well, this yearning to be a ‘part of something’ and the eagerness that fuelled it, would within my life-experience be transformed into a self-expression, a self-living that I would never have conceived possible. Well – as they say: “Be careful what you wish for”...

And, so – with my eagerness pumping my heart, my fear churning my intestines and my curiosity rushing through my veins, I stood-up, moved myself and positioned myself to sit cross-legged in front of Bernard.
I initially sat a few inches away from him, within the starting-point of ‘not wanting impose’, as this was also a general consideration I would project towards others – always remaining a few inches away with regards to intimacy and physical-closeness, due to the perception of ‘not wanting to impose’. Which was a fear that was existent within me as resistance because of experiencing myself ‘not knowing’ where I stand with people, so - I’d initially take the stance of resistance/standing-back completely, not imposing/engaging but pleasing until ‘they invite me in’ and so secure my stance towards the other – which is how I approached relations with people back then.
So – I took my stance of ‘not imposing’, remaining a few inches away from Bernard to which he responded: “No. Sit closer. Knees Touching”. This then prompted me to move-through the fear/uncertainty of myself towards him in relation to where I stood with him in that Moment and I immediately moved closer –knees touching.
Fascinatingly enough – I felt comfortable and calm the Moment I was positioned closer, crossed-leg with knees touching. With Physically-moving through that resistance as uncertainty and fear – I moved through the actual energy-possession experience throughout my body and was here, with the physical.  

I felt empty, Stable – could actually now Feel my Body which was warm and slightly sweaty as I was sitting directly in front of Bernard, with our knees Touching, my hands in my Lap – his arms resting on his legs.
He always looked so physically comfortable with himself, whereas Me – I could never find a position in my own Physical Body in which I felt comfortable or at ease. Yet – he would sit within and as his Human Physical Body – as though his Physical-Body is positioning-Itself into and as a Positioning-Posture of/as Support For-him.

So, as we were sitting there, he asks: “I want you to look at something for me. I want you to look into me and tell me what you See.” And, in that moment – during/after he said that, he straightened his shoulders and back, positioned his Posture to stand more ‘upright’, turned his wrists so that his hands face upward, tilted his chin slightly upward, and so – physically-moving to ‘open himself up’, opening himself within-himself. I didn’t in that immediate-Moment see what it is that he’s preparing to / opening within and as himself in the Physical, though – the immediate physical-change/physical-movement as-him was that of revealing/opening himself.
So, I closed my eyes – squinted them with a strong-frown, submerged my shoulders to lean forward with much intensity, preparing myself to look into-him with and as, much specificity as though I’ll be searching for something to see, like go on a internal-quest within him to find something to see.
So – obviously within my very approach / application of the request I would not see anything – because I went into separation with/as myself, from the perspective of – instead of Looking, as in being here with and as him in the physical within and as me and Looking at what I see, here as him as me; I went into the application of the word ‘Look’ as a ‘Searching’ – so I searched to see something, instead of Looking as Seeing, Here as self.

So, after a Moment I replied: “I don’t see anything”. Bernard – with his Intense eyes and No-nonsense voice said: “Look again” – motivating me and pushing me to not ‘just accept’, but expand-myself. So – I looked again.

Meeting ‘God’ in the Physical – Part Two to Continue...


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The Process

Is There Life after Death?
The Process

Within the Previous-document I started-off with sharing my physical-experience of leaving my Body with and as Breath - and paused the Moment within and as taking the Out-Breath, breathing me out-Of my Human physical Body into and as Heaven.
Forgive me, I have a tendency to ‘Jump right In’ in relation to sharing / Speaking-of Points – not taking into consideration that, to assist/support others to See/Be here with and as me in relation to what I’m walking as Me, equally – is to show what I see,  how I see and ‘where I come from’ so to speak, as all that I’ve walked, experienced and been-through in and as the Physical that assisted/supported and determined the point of me having the ability to Portal, as the Moment I discussed within the First Document.
Thus – we’re going to take a Momentary ‘detour’ within this Walk and start with the Process I walked in the Physical, that Lead me to the Point of walking within Heaven and here in and as the Physical.

Thus - we’re going to be pausing at the Moment of/as the Out-Breath, before entering Heaven for a Moment longer (leaving you at the edge of your seats before you get the first-hand, direct Introduction into and as the Reality of Heaven as it existed, then Five Years ago) as I firstly take you through the Process I walked, yes a physical, practical process I walked and experienced – within which I faced myself within and as direct-challenges with no Preparation but only the Moment, only Breath and only Me, Here. My physical-process  that I walked, and  the challenges and consequences I faced and manifested - prepared, and to a extent forced, the preparation of me to Face and Stand-within the Moment I was asked One Question:

“Are you Ready?”

The Question that I Answered as-Me, that Determined my Ability to Portal – to Leave my Body and enter into Heaven as a Interdimensional Being, without Dying.
This Question – in the Moment it was Asked - had no context, was asked suddenly and unexpectedly, with no reference to anything or anyone but was asked within and as equality and oneness as Here. And I could have only answered The Question within and as the immediacy that I did as the moment, in breath, instantaneously, within and as Seeing Here equal and one with and as the Question – due to the Challenges, and Forced-Consequences that I faced within and during my process in and as the Physical.
The ‘consequences’ as experiences / parts of me that to a extent played a part in forcing the point of me standing within and as the Question and thus lead to me having the ability to Portal - is a entirely different process-path that I will be discussing/sharing in a different blog, later.

However here, in this Process-path – in relation to the Process that I’m walking with you, as my Physical-Interdimensional Process, is the one of the Challenges I faced and stood within in-Reality; and how that assisted/supported me within and as my self-application /living of/as Immediacy, of Here as the Moment as Breath – and how this Point of Standing as Me, assisted/supported me within my Process in the Interdimensions, and back here in and as the Physical that we’re walking at the Moment.

If I had not stood/lived as this Point, proven here in and as the Physical – I would not have been able to Portal, not have been able to experience that Moment as Breath, the First Breath of/as leaving my Human Physical Body, would not have experienced the Interdimensional Existence, would not be Here in this Moment sharing with you myself and the ONE POINT that is the Key, the Answer to existence: The Physical, ‘who we are’ in and as Breath.

We’ve travelled throughout the Heavens for years – as you will see and experience with-Me, yourself – to ‘find the answer to the freedom of Humanity, the Animal Kingdom, Nature as all that suffer within pain and fear in this world as it exist’, to ‘find the answer as to why pain, suffering and fear is accepted and allowed to continue existing when heaven is literally ‘right here next to us’ – where was the intervention, the direct-participation with all human-beings equally?’. 
And, as you will see and realise with-Me for yourself – through years of investigations, explorations, discoveries, realisations and direct-insights/seeing – that the answer, the key is HERE and has always been here and is the least expected answer anyone could ever have conceived/imagined.

We, as you will – never could imagine or conceive the extent of the problem we as humanity, on earth in this world is facing, in fact - when the reality/truth of Heaven was finally exposed.

So, with me – within and through my writings of my process – you will see for yourself; that the Mind – the manifested-dimensions of self-created relationships as the illusionary-reality we’ve come to believe is real; and Heaven – the manifested-dimensions of the humanity-created relationships as illusionary-reality we’ve come to project into creation through belief and energy to be real:
Is in fact, and has always been – the Illusion, the Lie we’ve been interconnected, interwoven within and as - through relationships that has come to define who we are, what we live, how we alive and where we are in and as the Mind Consciousness System, in the Physical as the World currently exist.   

So, let’s walk from the Beginning – my Physical-Process, then through the Physical-Interdimensional Process and back here to only the Physical – as you’ll see, realise and understand as I have – that Heaven, as with the Mind – has been the Manifested-Con of Consciousness – and that the Reality of Self is here in the Physical.

We start in the Next document with ‘The First Moment’ – where I experienced ‘God’ for the First Time in the Physical – a Moment of Seeing Here in and as the Physical, that was the Determining-Point/Moment of the position I will stand within and as this Process, through Heaven and now here in and as the Physical. A Moment, as one of Many Moments that lead up-To the Moment of/as The Question that I was then prepared to Answer, Stand-as and Live that walked-Me into and as the Position of Portalling.


The First Breath - Part One

Is There Life after Death?
The First Breath - Part One

Within the writings, here – I will be taking you with me as I walk my process, experiences, discoveries and explorations and share my insights, realisations and understandings through and as my process in the Interdimensional-Existence from the first Moment I breathed-Myself into and as Heaven through Leaving my Human Physical Body, as the Portal into, as and of Existence - completely.

(Note: Vocabulary and Definition of Heaven
Dimensions / Interdimensional-Existence – these are terms used interchangeably to refer to Heaven. Heaven, from the first Moment I entered into-it, during my process within it and our experiences-together with all the beings – change(d) as we progressed and expanded within and through processes within and throughout Heaven. Thus, you will see with me as I directly experienced the actual reality of Heaven first-Hand, and also how Heaven and thus the very existence and so the very definition of Heaven start and started changing.) 

Let’s take the First Step of this walk through and as the Interdimensional-existence/Heaven with-me from the First Breath:

The room is warm. My back is facing a smouldering Fire – and I experience myself enveloped within this space in reality; as the atmosphere of/as this Moment in and with the physical is embracing, holding me within and as this warmth permeating the room, touching my skin and filling my breath – the warmth becoming me as it encompass my physical body, within and without.

I feel my Chest. Its manifested-experience is that of a ‘solid pressure’. Not pain, but - as though my chest has established a ‘presence’ for and of-Itself; become aware of-itself with-Me – and, in that moment of shared-Awareness of me with the Chest; this moment of physical-equality - manifest a presence of ‘here’ and in and as that, I ‘Feel’ the Chest with and as me, here.

I close my eyes. My total-experience in this Moment of closing my eyes, as my eyes close – is Physical, as my experience/awareness of what the Physical is, as me. I’m aware of my physical-body experience in this Moment within and as this environment/space it’s positioned in reality, aware of my breath and aware with my chest. This One Point within-Existence – me, here with and as the Chest; as Breath and in the Physical – will be the ‘departure-point’ within and as which I will stand for a moment, before I leave my body and enter-Into ‘Heaven’.

I breathe-In. This is an actual-Breath, a Breath that is pulled from and within the entire Human Physical Body, of the entire Human Physical Body as I pull with the Physical, with Breath as the In-Breath - the presence, the manifestation of me from within and as the entirety of and as the Human Physical Body.
As and with this In-Breath with the Physical, I Breathe the entirety of me In, from within and as my Human Physical Body - and position me within the absolute Centre Source-Point of it as the Chest, Here.  
I now with the Final whim of this In-Breath as the Breathing-in of me from within, as and of the Human physical Body – stand positioned within the centre of the Human Physical Body; the Chest, Here. Centred, not amalgamated/infused as I was a Moment ago before I pulled me as and with Breath, out of the Manifestation of and as the Human Physical Body - into and as the centre of the Body within and as the Chest-area.
Time Stops as a Moment of Eternity, as I stand here, solidified as Breath in the Physical within the Chest – centred, as I ensure that I’ve gathered ‘all of me, that is me’ in and as this Physical-Body into and as this One Point, this One Manifested-Moment in and as the Centre of the Physical-Body within and as the Chest, and then...

I breathe-Out. I literally Breathe Out, as I Breathe me Out-of my Human Physical Body from within and as the Initial Centre-Point as the Chest of/as the Human Physical Body within and as which I gathered-Myself as my Manifested-presence from within and as the Human Physical Body.  

To continue...

(Perspective-Notes are additional-perspectives that I will add within / at the end of each section as part of the walk through my process from Leaving my Body to experiences in and as Heaven as points to consider / suggest investigating in relation to and in context with what was shared within the Document)

Unthinkable? Yes.
This action of leaving one’s Body, and having the ability to do so without the Physical Human Body dying, but continuing to function and exist without one’s manifested-‘presence’ within and as it - is not a Thought-Process and cannot be conceived with/within the Mind.

This action of leaving one’s Body is a living-doing, a self-movement of understanding, actual-Understanding within and as the Stand of Realising, being and actually Applying, Equality and Oneness.

I’m not imprisoned, nor am I a prisoner of my Human Physical Body. The Human Physical Body is the key to Existence, the key to Reality, the key to the Real Self as you will see and understand with-Me as what I directly-experienced, here in and as existence.