Friday, January 28, 2011

The Process

Is There Life after Death?
The Process

Within the Previous-document I started-off with sharing my physical-experience of leaving my Body with and as Breath - and paused the Moment within and as taking the Out-Breath, breathing me out-Of my Human physical Body into and as Heaven.
Forgive me, I have a tendency to ‘Jump right In’ in relation to sharing / Speaking-of Points – not taking into consideration that, to assist/support others to See/Be here with and as me in relation to what I’m walking as Me, equally – is to show what I see,  how I see and ‘where I come from’ so to speak, as all that I’ve walked, experienced and been-through in and as the Physical that assisted/supported and determined the point of me having the ability to Portal, as the Moment I discussed within the First Document.
Thus – we’re going to take a Momentary ‘detour’ within this Walk and start with the Process I walked in the Physical, that Lead me to the Point of walking within Heaven and here in and as the Physical.

Thus - we’re going to be pausing at the Moment of/as the Out-Breath, before entering Heaven for a Moment longer (leaving you at the edge of your seats before you get the first-hand, direct Introduction into and as the Reality of Heaven as it existed, then Five Years ago) as I firstly take you through the Process I walked, yes a physical, practical process I walked and experienced – within which I faced myself within and as direct-challenges with no Preparation but only the Moment, only Breath and only Me, Here. My physical-process  that I walked, and  the challenges and consequences I faced and manifested - prepared, and to a extent forced, the preparation of me to Face and Stand-within the Moment I was asked One Question:

“Are you Ready?”

The Question that I Answered as-Me, that Determined my Ability to Portal – to Leave my Body and enter into Heaven as a Interdimensional Being, without Dying.
This Question – in the Moment it was Asked - had no context, was asked suddenly and unexpectedly, with no reference to anything or anyone but was asked within and as equality and oneness as Here. And I could have only answered The Question within and as the immediacy that I did as the moment, in breath, instantaneously, within and as Seeing Here equal and one with and as the Question – due to the Challenges, and Forced-Consequences that I faced within and during my process in and as the Physical.
The ‘consequences’ as experiences / parts of me that to a extent played a part in forcing the point of me standing within and as the Question and thus lead to me having the ability to Portal - is a entirely different process-path that I will be discussing/sharing in a different blog, later.

However here, in this Process-path – in relation to the Process that I’m walking with you, as my Physical-Interdimensional Process, is the one of the Challenges I faced and stood within in-Reality; and how that assisted/supported me within and as my self-application /living of/as Immediacy, of Here as the Moment as Breath – and how this Point of Standing as Me, assisted/supported me within my Process in the Interdimensions, and back here in and as the Physical that we’re walking at the Moment.

If I had not stood/lived as this Point, proven here in and as the Physical – I would not have been able to Portal, not have been able to experience that Moment as Breath, the First Breath of/as leaving my Human Physical Body, would not have experienced the Interdimensional Existence, would not be Here in this Moment sharing with you myself and the ONE POINT that is the Key, the Answer to existence: The Physical, ‘who we are’ in and as Breath.

We’ve travelled throughout the Heavens for years – as you will see and experience with-Me, yourself – to ‘find the answer to the freedom of Humanity, the Animal Kingdom, Nature as all that suffer within pain and fear in this world as it exist’, to ‘find the answer as to why pain, suffering and fear is accepted and allowed to continue existing when heaven is literally ‘right here next to us’ – where was the intervention, the direct-participation with all human-beings equally?’. 
And, as you will see and realise with-Me for yourself – through years of investigations, explorations, discoveries, realisations and direct-insights/seeing – that the answer, the key is HERE and has always been here and is the least expected answer anyone could ever have conceived/imagined.

We, as you will – never could imagine or conceive the extent of the problem we as humanity, on earth in this world is facing, in fact - when the reality/truth of Heaven was finally exposed.

So, with me – within and through my writings of my process – you will see for yourself; that the Mind – the manifested-dimensions of self-created relationships as the illusionary-reality we’ve come to believe is real; and Heaven – the manifested-dimensions of the humanity-created relationships as illusionary-reality we’ve come to project into creation through belief and energy to be real:
Is in fact, and has always been – the Illusion, the Lie we’ve been interconnected, interwoven within and as - through relationships that has come to define who we are, what we live, how we alive and where we are in and as the Mind Consciousness System, in the Physical as the World currently exist.   

So, let’s walk from the Beginning – my Physical-Process, then through the Physical-Interdimensional Process and back here to only the Physical – as you’ll see, realise and understand as I have – that Heaven, as with the Mind – has been the Manifested-Con of Consciousness – and that the Reality of Self is here in the Physical.

We start in the Next document with ‘The First Moment’ – where I experienced ‘God’ for the First Time in the Physical – a Moment of Seeing Here in and as the Physical, that was the Determining-Point/Moment of the position I will stand within and as this Process, through Heaven and now here in and as the Physical. A Moment, as one of Many Moments that lead up-To the Moment of/as The Question that I was then prepared to Answer, Stand-as and Live that walked-Me into and as the Position of Portalling.