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Meeting ‘God’ in the Physical – Part Three

Is There Life after Death?
Meeting ‘God’ in the Physical – Part Three

Here continuing with the Moment of me facing “God” in the Physical:

Last paragraph Excerpt from previous-document:
Then – as and while I experienced this Moment with and as the Physical, while the expression of and as this Presence was emerging from within and as the darkness:
The expression manifested as colours moving, motioning, exploding, emerging as living-embodiments of and as all colours one is able to possibly conceive and more. This manifested-Presence of and as Eternal-expression emerged from within and as the Darkness as this array of unending colours expressing themselves into and as all sorts of directions as the representations of/as the Manifested-embodiment of and as this Presence.

And all stopped and transformed  within a Breath – and I saw the Sun...

And, so – from the manifested-Presence of and as Eternal-expression, came-forth the Manifested-Expression of what I experienced to be God and Heaven:
The Skye – a light white-blue, with the Sun – a warm yellow-orange glow; shining with Rays penetrating bright white Clouds, and the rays illuminating the clouds with a light pink and silver resonance; all of which appeared/manifested in One Moment, literally like God with Heaven standing/being here before-Me in and as the manifested-representation of/as the Skye, Sun and Clouds.
And, still - it was within this Moment of Seeing and Experiencing this Manifested-Expression of the Sun in the Skye with Clouds, that I experienced/witnessed to be ‘God’-Manifest, here in front of me in and as the Physical that appeared before me in one sudden, swift Moment.
That Moment was absolute Greatness, an indescribable Magnificence that was right here in front of me. I was totally overwhelmed with this Sight/Appearances I experienced to be God, because of its Magnitude. It was literally like standing in front of God, with Heaven – manifested as this expression of the Sun, the Skye and the Clouds; so extreme was the experience of myself with what was emerging and manifesting here before me in and as the Physical.
So – initially, due to the extent of my experience with and as this Moment in and as the Physical, I experienced it all to be God with and as Heaven appearing/manifesting here before-Me in and as the Physical, in and as the Physical-manifested representation of/as the Sun, Skye and Clouds. Though – to specify, it was not the Sun, Skye and Clouds of/as this Reality that I was seeing/experiencing in that Moment. It was much Larger, more Vast, Clear and Specific than the Sun, Skye and Clouds of this Physical-Reality we exist-within.
Therefore I related the Skye and Clouds to Heaven, and the Sun to God – because it was a similar-Manifestation, but also completely-Different in relation to the Size, Vastness and extensive colour-Variation expressions of what I was seeing and experiencing.

It’s quite fascinating that I initially experienced  it all to be God, but – that was the only reference-point within myself that I had to define the “Greatness” / “Magnificence” “Omnipresence and Omnipotence” – which was in essence what I was seeing and experiencing right-Here in the Physical in front of me.
Another way to describe it would be that it was like my “understanding” of God was now Manifested before-Me and within-Me in relation to what I was seeing and experiencing. Meaning, to-Me in and as that Moment – what I was seeing and experiencing, was exactly how I would describe God with and as Heaven to be. Together with that, in and with that Moment – everything around me and within me disappeared and I was witnessing and experiencing only this Manifested-representation of/as God with and as Heaven here before-me. All of which, together - added to the experience of myself in that Moment as witnessing and standing-before God with Heaven, due to the absoluteness and magnificence of the overwhelming nature of what I was seeing and experiencing within and as a Magnitude that was Unspeakable.

Unspeakable, yes – because the experience within-Me as that Moment was so Great, that when Bernard asked Me what it is that I was Seeing when the Tears were streaming from my Eyes – not from energy, no – from actual Physical-experienced overwhlemingness; the only Word I could speak or get-through to Vocalize, with a Gasp, was: “God”.

Now, understand that – even though I referenced what I was seeing and experiencing as God and Heaven, what I was seeing and experiencing was the manifested-expression of and as the Physical as the actual real “Kingdom of Heaven”-itself.
The manifested-representation of/as the Sun, the Skye and the Clouds will become clearer as I continue explaining what I was experiencing in and as this Moment – as the “Kingdom of Heaven” that I was seeing and experiencing, that was revealed and shown to me by, as and through the Physical-itself, in seeing, realising and understanding the Process each Individual Human Being will be facing and walking within and as the Physical to realise and live self as the Physical as the manifested “Kingdom of Heaven” that is and always has been – right Here.

I then Opened my eyes, attempting to see-through water welled up in my eyes, with a smile on my face and a protruding-Chest so physically-manifested with and as this Experience, as this experience amalgamated with and as my total human physical body and embraced the totality of me within and as me; Bernard asked: “What else do you see”?

Now, with my Eyes Physically-Open – I still continued Seeing the exact-same, Here in and as the Physical. So, my ‘Seeing’ in, as and with the Moment wasn’t a creation through the Mind – but an actual Here-‘Seeing’, Equal and One with and as what is Here as I literally, in fact walked with and as this Physical in and as every Moment of what I was Seeing and Experiencing.
Also because – as/while I was Seeing and Experiencing the Emergence of the Physical in and as the Manifested-Representation of and as the Kingdom of Heaven; a Calm Emerged within and as me after the overwhelming experience I initially had with the introduction of the Physical, here in front of me and within me - and I was Absolutely Clear and Stable, Here and still continued Seeing the same, Directly Here in front of me and within me, as-Me.
With “Mind-seeing” as “visions” – it manifest as a ‘Smokey-unstable picture-like appearance’ – that come and go, that manifest only in front of self with a pressure by the eyes and head, which one has to force oneself to keep the vision real and which is also accompanied with energy that can only be maintained for as long as you ensure that you keep your focus and attention on that one-point you’re seeing/experiencing.
However – with me, in and as this Moment – there was no Energy involved, what I was Seeing and Experiencing was Physically-Substantial and even once the overwhelming-experience moved and I was stable and calm and opened my eyes – I was still Directly-Seeing the exact-same. So, all of it was Here with and as me in and as the Physical – it wasn’t generated / forced; it was simply here as the physical showing itself here with and as me.
And, also what Actualized/Confirmed the Reality of it all, was – after this Experience with and as the Physical, I still continued being able to See-Directly, wherein I had the ability to “See” beyond the System or Mind, but See-Directly what is Here as it exist Here with and as my starting-point being with and as the Physical-itself and not the Mind – which I will be explaining, detailing and sharing as all my experiences with and as seeing as the physical as me, once I’ve completed walking this-Moment with and as the Physical wherein I was seeing and experiencing, the Process of Human Beings on-earth and what it will take for Human Beings to realise themselves as the Physical, equal and one to access the Kingdom of Heaven that is right-here, and that has always been here as the very physical itself.  

I then moved my Eyes towards the bottom from where I was looking upward to the Sun, in the Skye with the Clouds; and I looked-into Existence – into and as an infinite-Existence, with Galaxies stretching into far and beyond, and - as I continued specifying my Seeing into and as everything I was Seeing at-once: I saw Earth.
Literally standing within the Universe, amongst the Planets and Stars and looking at Earth from afar.
Again, here – what I was seeing and experiencing was substantial, was physical – as I was in fact being walked-through the Physical-Existence with and as the Physical-itself.

As I was focusing my attention on Earth, Earth transformed into a “Black Space” within-Existence with a Deep purple and pink Resonance emerging from within the Darkness of Black-Space – and within that, Human Beings emerged within and as manifestations that was entirely unexpected…

Meeting ‘God’ in the Physical – Part Four to Continue…