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Meeting ‘God’ in the Physical – Part Two

Is There Life after Death?
Meeting ‘God’ in the Physical – Part Two

Here continuing with the Moment of me facing “God” in the Physical:

Last paragraph Excerpt from previous-document:
“So, after a Moment I replied: “I don’t see anything”. Bernard – with his Intense eyes and No-nonsense voice said: “Look again” – motivating me and pushing me to not ‘just accept’, but expand-myself. So – I looked again.”

I looked again, though – not before reacting within-Myself. A movement of energy surged slightly upward from within my solar-plexus in a attempt to overwhelm me, as a habit I used to access when experiencing myself making a mistake. But I took a deep Breath, Immediately stopped myself from accepting and allowing myself to participate within it, positioned my body to sit more upright as I was previously slouching within my position in front of Bernard. And, the moment I did that – I was clear again within myself and ready to look, to See again.

This time, I relaxed my physical-body ‘more’ within the ‘knee-to-knee’ Position I was sitting-in in front of Bernard. My back and shoulders straight, my chin up, breathing even, my face unconstrained – no more squinting and looking for something ‘there’ in and as him, but being here with Breath – naturally.
This time, when I looked – I looked here. Not going on a search for something somewhere inside of him – but being here with what is here and seeing it, here. So, within this approach – within looking here and seeing what is here as it’s here, I for a Moment experienced myself as what I was seeing within looking at what is here, as it is here which was a manifested eternal darkness within and as the Physical – that was solid, yet substantial. A solid, substantial substance – here, as the Physical. And the experience of the darkness that I was Looking-at and seeing, here – became “me” and in that moment – all that I was, physically and within the experience of me as the physical, was this eternal darkness.
It was fascinating, because – one could see the darkness, be the darkness and experience the darkness as self, here in and as the physical. It’s not the construct of/as “light and dark” as the polarity of light as darkness that cause one not to be able to see for which one require light. No. This “darkness” was of the actual physical, as the actual physical, here.

Within looking at the Moment now, within and as my current-Understanding; the point of seeing it and experiencing the manifested eternal-Darkness in and as the Physical, here as me – was me actually seeing and experiencing myself with and as the Physical, as what is here. And so I could see “Here” within and as me and Bernard equally as the Physical as the manifested Eternal-Darkness of/as solid-Substance. That’s why I had the experience of “becoming” this Darkness I was looking-at and seeing, but it’s not in fact that I “became” it – as that would imply/mean separation. It’s that I realised I was seeing what is Here with, within and as the Physical in fact. What I was experiencing myself-as, in that Moment has always been here as me in and as the Physical – I’ve in that Moment only for the first time actually Looked Here and so could See what is Here as it exist Here.
Though, I didn’t understand it then, as I do now in relation to the “physical equality” I experienced, then – I still experienced it as me “becoming” a experience, as that was my Understanding then of/as me.  

So - once this Moment of/as Here with and as the Physical in and as Equality was established, and I was as solid and stable as this manifested eternal-darkness as-Me I was initially looking-at and Seeing, I was breathing, here, being here with and as me as the physical as the Moment completely.

Then...suddenly, unexpectedly – something unpredictable happened:
This Moment caught me completely, entirely off-guard as I had no Mind-reference or any conception of/as knowledge and information in relation to what I was suddenly, unexpectedly looking-at, seeing and experiencing right in front of Me:
A Manifested-‘presence’ of and as Expression emerged from within and as the totality of/as the Darkness in one complete slow-motion emissive-Explosion, emerging from within and as eternity, this darkness - and expressing-Itself here, as and within the Physical.
The experience of this Manifested-‘presence’ of/as Eternal-Expression was so Overwhelming, so Absolute, that it felt as though my whole body Collapsed within and as the experience of and as it, and became this fluid substance. The experience of being in the presence of such a presence - so overwhelming, so vast and so extensive – that Tears actually streamed from my eyes; pure water - as a actual natural, real ‘physical release’-Experience of and as my physical body itself due to the pure nature of and this Expression and its extreme Intensity of existence, here in and as the Physical with and as myself and Bernard. It was wonderful.

To describe this experience is slightly challenging, because – to describe a real moment of physical-awareness, wherein one for the first time realise and experience the physical within and as its actual, real existence here as eternal manifested-expression; is not so simple in terms of having another reading this comprehend this moment with me, in absolute understanding. So – do understand, that this was a Moment of physical-awareness of/as the actual real physical that is here, and I could only have experienced and seen it, here as me with Bernard being there with me in that Moment. Because, Bernard had at that stage already realised himself as the Physical, as Breath, as Here in-fact – and, he was showing me what he had realised as-Himself, here in and as the Physical. However, for me to have been able to ‘See’ what he was showing me as-himself in and as the physical – I had to obviously be Able to See, because he can/could show me – but that doesn’t mean that I would’ve necessarily been able to See. The same within and as Process as a whole – we show through living example, however – that doesn’t mean that everyone necessarily See, yet – See, meaning Realise as-self what is here and being shown. So – the point of seeing is a Point for and of self within and as Self-Responsibility.
Within this Moment of Seeing what has been shown to Me – I could see, because I immediately applied and lived myself in the Moment to Look and to See. I didn’t ask questions or wonder about “how must I look” or “how am I supposed to see” or “what must I see” or “what must I look for”, going into my Mind to look and see. Because – already in that, it’s making the statement of not being ready to Look and See, because the Mind is still Trusted instead of self, here and so one is not in fact Looking and Seeing, but trying to interpret what is here through and as the Mind and so – you don’t See, but actually only perceive the Mind.
I simply went into immediate application of looking and seeing and in that, the point of looking and See became me, as me – Here, Naturally. And within that – I had the ability to Look and so See what is here, as it is Here with and as Me.  
What I also then didn’t completely understand/grasp and that took me quite a while with and during my Process to understand and grasp, is that – even though I could See, here and experience that Moment of Seeing as me Here, equal and one = it didn’t mean that that Moment is “who I am” in fact, yet. But, that I had to take that Moment with and as me in and as my World and Reality and continue living it, in fact here as breath – constantly and consistently until it “comes into being” as-Me in and as living-expression In-Fact. So – this point created some Manifested-Consequence within and as my world/reality – which I’ll show and share with you in relation to the difference between Realisation and Actual Living as we continue through my Experiences.

So, what I experienced in this Moment with meeting “God” was due to Bernard showing it to me as him and due to me going into immediate application of living the point of Looking and Seeing instantaneously without hesitation or doubt, and so I could See what he was showing me as-himself in and as the Physical - which I initially interpreted as “God”. As the word “God” was the only reference I had at the time to Verbalize the magnitude of the experience of and as this Eternal manifested-expression as a Presence that emerged here from within and as the Solid-Substance of/as Eternal-Darkness that was initially here in and as the Physical.  

So, I firstly became aware of and as this Presence, as the Expression of this Presence within and as its Absoluteness of Magnificence that I experienced in and as the Physical as me as it emerged from within and as the Eternal-Darkness, that caused my Physical to go into a Unconditional release and so I was here with and as a actual, real experience of and as the Physical.
That Moment was so Great and so Awesome – because, within existing within the constraints and limitations of and as a System, to suddenly in One Moment collapsing all the chains and experiencing and being with the Freedom of Eternity in and as the Physical in fact, is...a Moment that each must discover for themselves when the Mind stops and you’re here with and as the Physical, in fact.

Then – as and while I experienced this Moment with and as the Physical, while the expression of and as this Presence was emerging from within and as the darkness:
The expression manifested as colours moving, motioning, exploding, emerging as living-embodiments of and as all colours one is able to possibly conceive and more. This manifested-Presence of and as Eternal-expression emerged from within and as the Darkness as this array of unending colours expressing themselves into and as all sorts of directions as the representations of/as the Manifested-embodiment of and as this Presence.

And all stopped and transformed  within a Breath – and I saw the Sun...